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Strategic Life Coaching

You want better for your self. You want more out of life, more for you, your family, your future. The problem is you just can’t quite figure out how to get there – to get to the point where you are living an inspired life, full of health, wealth, and abundance…. Living Unleashed! Strategic Life Coaching offers you this opportunity.

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Business Mastery Coaching

Business is about building relationships and solving problems – and then making money. If the relationships are weak and the problems aren’t dealt with, the money won’t show show up or quickly vanish. Building strategies that strengthen relationships and converts problems to opportunities is the foundation of Business Coaching.

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Salt Garrison

Strategic Life Coach & High Performance Therapist

With a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and Counselor Education, training as a High-Performance Coach, and professional qualifications as a Certified Facilitator in The Demartini Method®, Salt has more than twenty-five years of experience in helping people face and break through their challenges so they can move forwards with confidence.

He is creator and founder of Salt Based Soul-utions, a transformative guide to conflict.  His specialty is in empowering both women and men to develop self-reliance and strengthen the most important relationship in their life: their relationship with themselves.

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“Salt has unique skills and abilities to connect with me at the core of my issues. As such I’ve experienced more healing and growth with Salt than with any other coach, counselor, or therapist I’ve ever worked with.”

Tom F

“We were 3 months from bankruptcy, low morale, and loosing revenue fast. Salt’s strategies turned our business around by helping us strengthen and fortify the relationships within our team and the relationships with our customers.”

Bruce G

“I got my freedom and self worth back, I got my voice back, and I got my relationship back. Not a fairy tale, but a real relationship with my husband where I’m valued too.”

Erin R.

Grain of Salt

Enhancing and Empowering Your Daily Life

A podcast about strategies and insights on how to face life’s challenges, move forward, and experience the abundance and joy life has to offer. Life’s not all roses and unicorns, there are thorns and manure too, and Grain of Salt can help you through it all.

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Salt’s Blog

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