When I share with people that my vocation is to create skills and strategies for people to overcome their problems and design the life they truly want to live, inevitably they respond with “Oh you’re a Life Coach”.  Smiling, I respond, with a question: “Would you rather build a life that leans on the expertise of one person, or would you prefer to create a life of your own making, that is sustainable, meaningful, and beautiful?”  

That’s the difference between a Life Coach and being a Life Architect: the first is about simple problem solving, the other is about creating your life with durability, utility, and beauty.    

Durability – Structure has integrity otherwise it won’t stand up over time.  Will your health, relationships, and finances continue to grow and strengthen under your current strategy?  Will your strategies and systems actually get you the life that you truly desire?  Creating a foundation that is sustainable is crucial to any structure.  

Utility – Too many people live with a “Siege Mentality”,  thinking only how to preserve resources, how to shore up defenses, how to keep up the fighting spirit.  How would your life be different if your life structure provided greater enthusiasm, gratitude, love, certainty, and presence?  Utility is about using strategies and systems to get out of old mindsets and creating the life you truly want.  

Beauty – Recognizing that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, would you describe your life as “Beautiful”?  Can you embrace the challenge and mess of your life?  True beauty is about living your life openly, authentically, and deeply, not to someone else’s standards but to the standards you set for yourself. 

Life Coaching is awesome for taking you from Point A to Point B in life and yet life is so much more than the just the problems you face or the simple desire to go to the next level.  Life truly is about creating, growing, and transforming. That’s what being a Life Architect is about: helping people build a life of magnificence with durability, utility, and beauty.