Salt School

Teaching Universal Laws, Human Behavior, and the Psychology of Money.  

Foundational concepts:

-Enhance Life

-Preserve what is is most important

-Step out of your comfort zone

-Find the balance


Concept: You are a curious creature with a natural drive to play in and master my inner and outer environments

By learning, understanding, and applying Universal Laws, you will being to play and master your inner and outer world.

Law of Polarity:  

You cannot have a right side without a left side, a top without a bottom, an inside without an outside.  You literally cannot have a positive without a negative and a negative without a positive.  Which means for every event in your life there is a positive to it and a negative to it, regardless of the experience. 

Exercise:  Find 10 opposites around the house – (wet cloth, dry towel)

Exercise: Think of five “positive” events in your life – what were the negatives to it 

Exercise:  Think of five “negative” events in your life – what were the positives to it

Write out your responses

Law of Conservation:  

In Physics the Law of Conservation says that energy nor matter can be created or destroyed, it can only change form.  A tree growing has energy.  You can chop it down, cut it up, and burn it.  The energy that was in the living tree has been transformed into heat.  Nothing was lost, it changed form.  

Exercise:  Find 10 items in or outside the house.  What was each items “previous form”?  What do you think it’s future form might be?

Law of Sowing and Reaping:

You cannot plant tomato seeds and expect to eat water melons.  If you want water melons, you have to plant water melon seeds.  If you want tomatoes you have to plant tomatoes seeds.  What ever you plant you will reap.  If you are not getting the results in life you want, perhaps it is because of what you are planting.  

Exercise:  List five areas where you’d like to “do better” in life.  What can you plant more of to get more of what you truly want?

Law of Giving and Receiving:

Some say it is better to give than to receive – that’s not quite true and we will discuss that in our Psychology of Money Day.  However, you do have to give before you can expect to receive. 

Imagine you were lost in the mountains, during a snow storm.  You are wet, cold, the sun is going down.  You came across a one room log cabin.  You go in.  Clearly no one is there.  There is a fireplace with chopped wood next to it.  There is a pile of kindling near by too.  There is a box of matches on the mantle.  What do you do?  If you said “light a fire” you’re on the right track.  What specifically do you do?

What was the order that you used to start the fire?  Why that order?

Did you yell at the fire place and say “give me heat”?  Did you expect to get heat without giving the fireplace logs?  The logs needed kindling first, and the kindling needed the match first.  Only when you gave were you able to receive what you wanted – heat.  

This is very similar to the Law of Sowing and Reaping.  

Exercise:  Practice giving before expecting to receive.  

Want Some Screen Time:  Watch some videos on Universal Law and be prepared to share what you learned during dinner time.